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Colombia, Amazonas and Isolated Territories

Personalized Experiences
Personalized plans to Amazon

Menu of personalized experiences, to know the Amazon in the three borders (Colombia, Peru and Brazil). From the very wild, authentic and adventurous: Extreme plans, to the most prudent and comfortable: Light plans, going through the most balanced, complete and diverse adventure: Deep plans. Although the focus of these plans demands an average stay of 5 days in the region, according to our experience and recommendation, we offer activities ranging from half a day, full days, overnight stays and plans of at least 3 days._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Expeditions and Voyages in Colombia

Annual calendar of nature, culture and adventure trips, supervised by the Naturalist guide Luis Felipe Ulloa, and always guided by specialized professionals, to isolated ancestral territories and more remote and fantastic places in Colombia. Experiences out of comfort, physically, mentally and spiritually demanding, lasting at least 5 days. 

Click on the button above to consult our calendar of programming experiences to share with more travelers at a lower cost. Share with us the dates of your interest and the type of experience you are looking for, we will help you find travel companions to lower costs.  

Luis Felipe Ulloa Arango

Owner manager of the travel agency and operator SELVAVENTURA COLOMBIA SAS (Company registered since 2003). 

Biologist graduated from the Javeriana University of Bogotá, passionate naturalist and ecologist, professional tour guide and artist (Ulloa Arango), based in the tri-border Amazon (Colombia, Peru Brazil since 1996). 

He has dedicated his life to positive and balanced interaction with the natural environment and ancestral cultures, through the exercise of ecotourism and experiential education as ideal work tools to achieve sustainability. He is a born explorer, designer of his own programs and expeditions, in which he plays a leading role in the respective logistics and/or as an accompanying guide on some of the excursions.

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We are a local, diverse and transgenerational human team, with 20 years of experience in the field, dedicated to caring for and managing the natural and cultural heritage of the region, for the collective benefit and in a sustainable manner. We offer personalized experiences (tailored to the particular requirements of each client), immersion in nature, and the culture of the region, with the dose of real adventure that each case demands.   

SELVAVENTURA is the name that Luis Felipe Ulloa gives to his life project from 2002 onwards.  Originally in Tabatinga, Brazil, SELVAVENTURA is a backpacker lodging base and jungle excursion operation. After a year, the accommodation is closed giving way to a tourist operations agency, keeping the name in a new location in Tabatinga. Market dynamics led SELVAVENTURA to be born in 2003 in Leticia, always under the direction of Luis Felipe Ulloa, quickly becoming the first legal agency for "unconventional" jungle tourism operations, offering tailor-made plans, expedition type, such as real immersions in the jungle and close contact with the culture of the region. The exploration of new scenarios, outside the most commercial routes, the implementation of kayak tours and canpying activities (tree climbing) and platforms to spend the night in the treetops have been a significant differential of the line "out of comfort” of our most authentic experiences. Also since its inception, SELVAVENTURA has been concerned with the fair, participatory and relevant inclusion of local individuals and families within the programs, with leading relevance and significant benefit both for them and for visitors. Although Selvaventura specialized from the beginning in serving foreigners, mainly Europeans with a naturalistic and adventurous spirit, a large part of our efforts have also focused on serving groups of college students from the main cities of Colombia, with whom we share from the principles of experiential education, the infinite natural and cultural diversity of the region, throughout remarkable experiences in their lives. The company today defines itself as the best alternative, in terms of experience, compliance, security and authenticity, in offering personalized excursions (as required by our clients).

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